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Visit Policy


We absolutely love to 'talk Frenchies' and share our beautiful French bulldogs with the world; but, the reality of having constant visitors in our home is not practical or wise. We have outlined our concerns with visiting below: 

Bio-security Risk

The bio-security of our home environment is our utmost priority. We are little bit of clean freaks when it comes to our home environment and  we do our best to keep our dogs' environment as clean as possible. Dangerous bacteria, parasites, and viruses can be inadvertently brought into our environment by visitors (this is a significant risk from individuals and families that have been visiting other breeders, shelters, or rescue organizations) which is why our veterinarian team has strongly advised us not to welcome visitors into our home in order to keep our puppies safe.  If these bacteria, parasites, or viruses enter our environment, they could be fatal to our wee puppies who have immature immune systems and could also prevent us from raising puppies in our home for years to come. The health and safety of our Frenchies is our outmost goal. We take our responsibility to safeguard these little lives very seriously, and we know you would appreciate how conscientious we are if it is your family that is patiently and eagerly waiting to bring home your puppy.
However, we do feel that it is important for families to see a breeder's environment and how they raise puppies, so we do our best to post lots of photos and videos on our Instagram and website when we raise litters. Only families who are on our waitlist and have reserved a puppy are welcome to our home at this time.  


Our dogs normally love people of all shapes and sizes; however, when a momma dog is in the end stages of pregnancy or is raising  newborn puppies, she needs her peace, privacy, and routine. A social new momma could ignore her puppies to hang out with visitors resulting in puppies not being fed, cleaned, or kept warm (newborn puppies can not regulate their own body temperature). We could also have a new momma become overprotective with the threat of strangers wanting to handle her puppies.  A stressed and protective momma can accidentally step on and/or injure one of her puppies. Not only this, but a stressed momma is overproducing the stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol then enters the milk supply and the puppies can become stressed, research studies show that stressed puppies become stressed adult dogs. 


The dogs that live or stay with us are all intact and influenced by fluctuating hormones. These hormones can affect their behaviour and may give you an inaccurate idea what a Frenchie character is like. They will be excited to meet any new people and might not settle down for an hour, giving you the impression that they are a hyper breed. Frenchies however spend most of their days relaxing or sleeping.


If we regularly hosted visitors, we would be spending ALL of our time cleaning, preparing for, and welcoming visitors a minimum of every weekend, and likely most evenings too. This would significantly take away from our time spent caring for our dogs and raising puppies which is our priority. We receive on average 15-30 inquiries everyday between our email and our IG account. We also have commitments to our homestead, family, friends, and hobbies- we put in more than full time hours caring for puppies and corresponding with families, so it is important that we try to maintain some balance and make time for our personal lives too. Our responsibilities for our dogs and our homestead are varied and unpredictable, so it would be difficult to designate and keep appointments to host visitors. 


​The amount of interest in our puppies far outweighs the amount of puppies that we raise. Many families are looking for a puppy right away, while most of our families can expect to wait a year or two before bringing home a puppy. It unfortunately doesn't make practical sense to host families that may not want to wait to bring a puppy home from our programme. 

Guardian Homes

​We are a home based breeder and our dogs live in guardian homes. A guardian home is the dog's permanent home and family, they only come back to us for breeding, health testing or raising puppies. We respect and value our guardian homes, and understand that it is not practical to have the dogs travel back and forth to our home to meet with interested families.  Guardian families have busy lives too, and it would be difficult to align their schedule with ours and the interested visitors. 


​Visitors are essentially strangers. Our home is isolated in a rural environment. Karen is a young woman and might have to host visitors on her own depending on the day. It isn't wise for a young woman to entertain strangers alone in her home.  There are incidences of breeders being physically and sexually assaulted. There are also unfortunately many case of breeders welcoming visitors in their home only to have the visitors return and steal the puppies which would be devastating. We have to keep our home, puppies, dogs, and family safe. 


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