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What will my Royal Frenchies Puppy come with?



CKC Registration


All of our puppies are CKC registered and sold on a non-breeding contract. A dog's pedigree will show you the puppy's lineage including their parents, grand parents and great-grandparents.

The advantage of adopting a purebred & registered puppy, versus buying from a back-yard breeder, is that as an owner you will have a record of where your puppy comes from and be 100% sure that you are adopting a purebred French Bulldog. 

Under the Animal Pedigree Act it is illegal to claim a dog is purebred without providing the new owners with a Kennel club registration or a pedigree.

The sale of purebred dogs in Canada is governed by the federal Animal Pedigree Act (APA).

Selling a puppy without papers automatically makes it non-purebred.

Under the law: If a certificate of registration is NOT provided by the seller within six months of the date of sale, the buyer can lay an Information Charge against the seller for violation of the APA.

Article 64. (h) of the APA states: "No person shall offer to sell, contract to sell or sell, as a purebred of a breed, any animal that is not registered or eligible to be registered as a purebred by the association authorized to register animals of that breed."

The penalty for violation of the APA is a fine of up to $50,000.00.

Do not support backyard breeders who claim their Frenchies are purebred but don't offer you a registration/pedigree!!

A Reliable, Ethical and Reputable Breeder will NEVER sell unregistered puppies. 

When you buy a registered dog, you will be able to know a lot about your dog, its pedigree and its breed - where it has come from, temperaments of the parents, how it is likely to behave, what its temperament should be and other genetic characteristics. 


Our CKC & AKC Registered , DNA Health tested

       Cream Stud Ferdinand of Royal Frenchies

Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 10.10.52 AM.png

All of our puppies are microchipped prior to leaving our home. The number on the microchip is a tracer number which is registered with the kennel club and will also be attached to the CKC registration. Microchipping substantially increases the likelihood of your Frenchie returning home by offering secure, reliable, unique and permanent identification.

Age appropriate Vaccines, Dewormed 4x and examined by a Licensed Veterinarian


Our puppies leave our home with age appropriate vaccinations. By 9 weeks of age they have had their vet exam, 1st set of vaccines and have been dewormed 4x, with a 5th dewormer dose to bring home.

A full veterinary exam report is given to each new puppy owner. This covers-thoracic, abdominal, ear, eye, orthopedic, integumentary, urogenital and oral exam. 



                Here is a sample vaccination schedule

                                     for the 1st year:

Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 10.16.49 AM.png

Each puppy is Temperament tested with The Volhard “Puppy Aptitude Test 
Every Royal Frenchies' puppy is tested with the PAT prior to going to their new home. This tests their behavioral tendencies and predicts what a puppy will be like as an adult. This test is performed at 7 weeks of age. We test for: 
1. Social Attraction - degree of social attraction to people, confidence or dependence.    
2. Following - willingness to follow a person.  
3. Restraint - degree of dominant or submissive tendency, and ease of handling in difficult situations.
4. Social Dominance - degree of acceptance of social dominance by a person.  
5. Elevation - degree of accepting dominance while in a position of no control, such as at the veterinarian or groomer.  
6. Retrieving - degree of willingness to do something for you. Together with Social Attraction and Following a key indicator for ease or difficulty in training.
7. Touch Sensitivity - degree of sensitivity to touch and a key indicator to the type of training equipment required.
8. Sound Sensitivity - degree of sensitivity to sound, such as loud noises or thunderstorms.  
9. Sight Sensitivity - degree of response to a moving object, such as chasing bicycles, children or squirrels.
10. Stability - degree of startle response to a strange object.  

One Year Health Guarantee
    Lifetime of Support
Every Royal Frenchies' puppy is covered until 1 year of age against any fatal or life altering congenital diseases, including Hip Dysplasia. For a copy of our health guarantee please email us at
We are constantly in touch with families who have adopted their Frenchie from us. We are more than happy to answer any question or concern you might have about the breed, adopting and taking care of your French Bulldog.


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