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Hi there.  I am sorry it has taken me so long to send you pictures

of Stella (was Dutchess).  I am sending you a couple of my favorite photos.

 Stella has fit in perfectly and has an amazing personality.  

Some of her facial expressions are quite funny and I often wonder

what's going on in her little head.  She loves the outdoors

but also loves to snuggle with her "mom and dad".  

Truly happy to have her as part of out family.  

All the best.  


Jennifer from Burlington

Rey Testimonial - Jean Marc

From the moment we stepped into her house to meet Jacques for the first time, it was clear Karin puts in lots of love and care into breeding and raising the pups. We met every dog mom that Karin cared for as they showered us with kisses and love while holding on to Jacques. It was also evident from her answers to our questions, Karin had shared and overcame every concern we had as first time Frenchie owners. When she told us she was available to help even after we brought Jacques home, she was not kidding. 


When we brought Jacques home, he had some nervous poops from being in a new home. My partner and I decided to reach out to Karin for some help. Karin reassured us and gave us so much emotional support in addition to sharing amazing advice. She even checked in to ask how Jacques was doing days and weeks after we first reached out. He soon overcame his nervous poops and has been the sweetest dog either my partner or I have ever grown up with. We do not say this lightly because we’ve collectively grew up with 6 dogs at one point or another in our lives.

Jacques gets complimented everywhere we go – the park, the pet store, and the airport. This compliment comes from other Frenchie owners as well! My partner and I couldn’t have been luckier to have Jacques in our lives and to meet Karin who took such good care of him.

~ Kevin K. from Toronto

Screen Shot 2022-10-19 at 2.20.53 PM.png

I had been contemplating getting a dog for the past few years, and decided on a Frenchie after babysitting one, and going thru withdrawn when i had to give him back.

Research criteria for me was an ethical breeder, preserving the breed standard, and of course proximity to where I live.

The support provided by Karin is outstanding before and after you pick up your pup. She has a compassionate heart for the puppies she raises which is why my Ricky is such a loving, calm and attentive pup.The love she pours into her puppies is seen in the puppies disposition. 

An important quality of hers is her expert knowledge of the breed, the care of the dogs which includes some veterinary training. She provides her expertise generously and has been a huge help in my own knowledge of caring for my Frenchie. Even months after getting my puppy.

Her puppies are all so beautiful, and healthy,  and I get stopped regularly by strangers to complement me on how adorable and handsome my little Ricky is.


If you are searching for a Frenchie breeder, you have arrived. If it was possible I would get a second one from Royal Frenchies…

Thank you Karin,you are an exceptional breeder, with a heart full of love.

So grateful that i found you!


~Stella from Montreal


We had been researching French Bulldog breeders and getting peoples feedback of those who had purchased a frenchie. We knew of a handful of other people who had good looking and healthy dogs who had come from Royal Frenchies. 


Hank (previously Damon) will be coming up on his first birthday. His parents were Romeo and Sophie. The Royal Frenchie website was informative and provided information on the parents lineage which was helpful in us making a decision. The frenchies that come from this breeder are healthy, happy and great looking dogs. 


First and foremost I valued the level of communication with Karen . She answered SO MANY questions we had during the selection process of the puppy and even after we had chosen Hank. Karen was always very friendly and professional. They accommodated a pick up date to ensure we were able to pick Hank up for Christmas. It was the best Christmas gift our family could ask for! Karen informed me that they had begun potty training and it provided us with relief that the training had already been initiated. 


Hank is the happiest, cuddliest, most handsome, loving part of our family now. Our family would recommend Royal Frenchies hands down if you are in the market for a french bulldog. 

~Ashley S. from Burlington


Hi Karen:


I hope all is well with you. I just wanted to give you a little update on Tulip.


We are over the moon with her!! We just love her and couldn't be happier with her. You really did a fantastic job in connecting the right dog with the right client, as it's a perfect fit! Tulip is exactly what we were looking for, and fits into our household so well. Her behaviour is just as you've been describing her. She's so good if one or both of us are busy - she just lays down and/or goes to sleep. She's very loving but she does not pester, and can be independent when she wants to be. She does the spotlight, though, when the attention is on her.


Her adaptation to urban life is slow but sure. She stops to look at everything as it's all so new to her! She is a big, big hit in our condo complex and has been love-bombed by so many people. We were having trouble at first getting her to come into the elevator - she'd never seen one before and would just freeze and dig her feet into the floor. We've been distracting her with small treats and that does the trick to get her in the elevator car. She's so funny when we're out on the street and someone passes us by - she expects *everyone* to make a fuss over her and when someone walks by not paying attention to her, she just stops and stares in disbelief as they walk past - how dare they not not come and make a fuss over her! She loves her stuffed dinosaur - I actually got her playing fetch with it earlier today if you can believe it.


We had the first vet visit yesterday, and it went well. Yesterday in Toronto it was wet and humid/hot and we weren't comfortable in her walking all the way to the vet, so we used the mighty chariot. She loved it and made her feel like Princess Tulip! 

Thanks so much again for everything, and a big thank you to David for bringing Tulip to us last Wednesday.


Take care,


Marvin from Toronto


Good morning Karen,


Hope all is well!  We wanted to send an update on our beloved Dakota (born Nov. 24, 2016).  We are currently up at our family cottage with her for the first time, and she is loving it!  Thoroughly exhausted each evening having spent the days running around outside.  

We have been so happy with this beautiful dog, and she has fit in with us and our extended family so well.  She has 5 fellow Royal Frenchie "brothers" in our condo building who she plays with at the dog park.  She has such a lovely temperament, and we get so many compliments about her. We really could not have asked for a better addition to our family.

We've attached some photos from this weekend, and one of her with Clive and Koda (also from Royal Frenchies).

Thanks again!  

Lauren & Jesse, Etobicoke

Hello, Stella was spayed last October.  I have attached a few pictures of her. She is 26lbs as of today. She put on some serious winter weight. She's such an amazing dog. She brings nothing but joy and smiles to everyone she meets. She also has her own Instagram account. Please check her out if you have a chance. Her IG name is Stella.frenchie. Thank you!

Kim from Ottawa

Hello! Just wanted to let you know that Ophelia ( we call her Phie) has settled wonderfully into our home. I can't tell you the joy and laughter she brings to our family. She is the most brilliant puppy I have ever seen, she is potty trained already and even hits the bells connected to the door when she needs to go outside! She also hits it about 50 other times a day just to get outside and run around! I spend a good part of my day answer her bells! She is a sassy, fiesty little thing that has us all wrap! She is growing fast😥! Here are some pics of her at her new home. Notice her pink heart just under her chin. It's so endearing, I kiss it all the time! Thanks for caring for our baby girl, we promise to adore her for always!

Kim, Jeff, Emma, Faina & Charlie Gaudette

Hi Karen,


I realize I have never sent you a note with pics or details about my little lady, Blondie.

 She’s doing so well. She’s smart, sweet and super sassy! Loves dogs, kids, people – the works.  She comes to work with me every day to an office full of women and fits right in. She’s a star.

 I’ve attached a recent picture for you here but feel free to follow along (if you’re on Instagram) –  she has her own account! @blondiethebullpig


Hope all is well.

Kate M.  from Toronto 

Hi Karen,


Hope you are doing well. I thought I would give you an update on Kobe, after almost a month with him!


He is such a lovable, cuddly, fun little boy. He once hated going outside, but now he enjoys it much more and of course, loves putting anything and everything into his mouth. He's now pretty much 100% potty trained and rarely has any accidents inside. He is very well behaved, doesn't chew on anything he shouldn't be and is generally a good listener. We attend puppy training every Sunday at PetSmart and he loves socializing with the other dogs and he's really catching on to our commands.


We also bring him to doggie daycare most days during the week and he LOVES it. He gets along very well with other dogs and literally plays ALL day! We feel very comfortable bringing him there and don't worry at all throughout the day.


I've attached an updated pic here for you, doing what he does best, sleeping!


Take care,

Sabrina and Byron, from Maple, ON


I just have to say, we are so in love with Ruby.

She is beautiful. She has the friendliest, most charming personality and she’s captured all of our hearts. Including strangers she meets on our walks!

She is such a good natured girl, loving, gentle, smart - she loves to lick and give kisses. Training with her was a breeze. She rings the bell to go potty outdoors, she can sit and lay down. That’s about all!

We are so pleased with her and we can’t thank you enough for raising her those first few weeks in such a loving environment. You’ve taken such good care of Jenna and Frankie, it comes through in Ruby!

Thank you again.

Jennifer C, from Aurora, ON

 Now that he's a full year old, I thiught you might

like to see what a handsome and happy big boy Bowser

(formerly known as Dodge) has become. He enjoys sotting

in the sun, sipping Starbucks, and going for pack walks with his buds:

Ben M. from Toronto

Our little guy is so amazing- loves us and our home so much! He is also brave and tackles stairs, beds and couches without hesitation which is awesome. He is eating well and having lots of naps and cuddles :) He loves to be around us and follow us so well but he is also totally social to be around anyone. He is so chill and relaxed which is nice, but busts out his playful side too. It's so perfect! He went to the vet today and got the full 'puppy bundle' as they call it. They said everything was totally good with him!

Kyla from Halifax, Nova Scotia 

My husband and I have been wanting a Frenchie puppy for years and were finally ready to adopt one! We did extensive research on breeders as we are well aware of the potential health risks associated with the breed. Royal Frenchies was our only choice after we saw how detailed and informative their website was, which truly shows their expertise and appreciation for the breed.


We fell in love with Hunter (now named Cole!) at our very first meeting. He was such a gentle,  playful and contented pup! Karin answered all of our questions in great detail and truly gave us confidence in being first time puppy owners. When it was time to go home, Cole settled immediately into his new home and was ready to go potty outside right away, had great appetite and very playful. He picks up new commands very fast and got used to being in his crate/playpen after only a couple nights to adjust. At his first vet visit, our vet praise his good health and built, as well as acknowledging he had first set of vaccines and was dewormed properly before coming home. 


We couldn’t be happier with our extremely smart, healthy, cuddly and happy boy… all thanks to Karin of Royal Frenchies!

Levi from Toronto, ON 

Here's some pics of our sweet, beautiful Mabel (Lacey)... She's doing great!! We love her very much. She was spayed on February 19th and recovered quickly and is doing wonderful. Mabel has been an beautiful addition to our family and receives much love!! Thank you for allowing us to love her and be a part of our family!! 


From the Ash family in St. John's, Newfoundland

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