Guardian Home Program

What is a guardian home? 

A guardian home is an understanding between a family and a breeder wherein a puppy or an adult that we have held back for our breeding program lives its life with the loving family in their home. This ensures that all of our dogs get the individual attention and socialization they need to be healthy, happy, well adjusted dogs. 

Our goal is placing a Frenchie with an approved, loving family with that family being open and accommodating in making the puppy available for breeding purposes. Aside from the breeding arrangement, the puppy will be, in all other aspects, the Guardian family's dog. 

The Guardian family is responsible for routine veterinary care of the puppy (e.g. vaccines, food, grooming, heart worm prevention, training, etc.) and any emergency veterinary care that it not congenital. Any breeding related costs are covered by Royal Frenchies.

 The contract length is generally between 2 and 6 years. The puppy/adult will belong to Royal Frenchies until they are retired from breeding, usually after 3-5 breedings for females. At that time, the ownership will be permanently transferred to the Guardian family. Royal Frenchies reserves the right to take back the puppy/adult at anytime if we feel that the dog in question isn't thriving in their guardian home or for any reasons that are at a discretion of Royal Frenchies.


How much does it cost? 

The cost of a Guardian Home puppy is a $700 adoption fee. We charge this fee in order to ensure our guardian families are committed to our program and our dogs, and not in it for a free French bulldog puppy. 

How does it work? 

Our Guardian family adopts and adult, or a puppy at 8-12 weeks, and they will live in your forever home. When fostering a puppy, during the first year we will monitor the puppy’s growth to ensure the puppy is eligible for breeding. We keep regular contact with our Guardian homes via phone, texting, and/or social media. We also require two to three visits per year, to our home to ensure the puppy is familiar and comfortable with us and our property. 


Who is eligible for our Guardian Home program? 

In order to be eligible for the Program: 


~You must live within 1 hour drive of Belleville, ON 

~Guardian Family must not relocate to a distance greater than 150km from us. (and notify us if you move) 

~Guardian home must have a fully fenced yard. If you have a pool it must be inaccessible to your Frenchie.
~Guardian Family must be willing to visit us 2-3 times per year.

~Guardian Family must be willing to have an open line of communication with us and respond to any communication efforts in a reasonable amount of time.
~Guardian Family must agree to provide a healthy, loving environment for the puppy.
~Guardian Family must be flexible! We are looking for families that are easy to get along with and want to be a part of the Royal Frenchies family. 



Male puppy- beginning around 1 year we will call and arrange when we need to have the puppy come to our house for breeding. Male dogs will breed for up to 6 years. The number of breedings will depend on our scheduled litters. The length of stay is around 7-9 days for the males in our home.

Female puppy – beginning at approximately 1 year (or 2nd heat), we will need you to monitor for heat cycles. As soon as the heat cycle begins, the dog will come to our house for a 2 week period. She will be returned to you after this time. Approximately 40 days after mating, the dog will return to our home to whelp and raise the puppies (for 8 weeks). You are more than welcome to visit your dog during this time. After the female is finished breeding she will be spayed and will live out  the rest of her years with you.