20 Reasons You Should Never Adopt A French Bulldog

1. Straight after they’re born, their looks could kill.














2. And they are particularly dangerous around children.















3. Hyperactive, they never sleep, you never have a moment’s rest. 














4. Frenchies will never amuse you in the slightest.














5. Their face just completely lacks character.















6. I mean, come on!














7. French Bulldogs refuse to hang out with their fellow companions.
















8. And obviously they despise cats.















9. Yes, they’d never dream of playing with a cat.













10. In truth, they are just so full of themselves.













11. They also hate cuddles. If anyone tries to stroke them, they run a mile.














12. They’ve never known the little pleasures in life. Like Starbucks!










13. Playing in general is something they’re not familiar with.











14. And sunbathing too.













15. They hate running around in nature, you’ll never get them out the house. 












16. They just hate life. 












17. They’re very confused by humans. 













18. And it’s impossible to tell when they’re unhappy.













19. Their hearts are made of stone.














20. So basically, life with a French Bulldog is completely overrated!





Yes all photos on this page and our website are of our own Frenchies!!

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